In 1982 a few important events occurred; the World Cup, the Falklands war and a small child called Chris Dinwoodie was born.

In 1986,  Chris was introduced to a pack of cards by his cousin and he learned his first card trick but certainly not his last (rumour has it he now knows 3)

1993 saw Chris step onto a football field to play his first game for the school team.  There were 6 other Christophers in the team and the manager decided Dinwoodie was too long so the name Woody was born.  The name has stuck to the present day and not many people know woody is his not his first name – although there are a few people that think he’s called Woody Dinwoodie. Chris Dinwoodie Magic man

Woody never received a Paul Daniels kit, however, he did receive the greatest gift a magician can have – a gorgeous assistant… Ok that’s a lie; however, he received a creative mind, which allows him to create new unique magic effects.

On 1997 a new magician appeared on TV called David Blaine.  Blaine performed Street Magic with everything from card tricks to levitations.  Woody was inspired and the magic bug was re-ignited. Although David Blaine opened Woody’s eyes to street magic, in 2000 Derren Brown opened his eyes to mentalism (Mind reading) and for the first time in his life he knew what he wanted to do – be a professional magician.

In Woody’s last year at school he gained 2 life changing certificates, his qualifications to allow him to start a computing degree and more importantly the award of ‘best sense of humour’.

In the following years, he decided to take his magic to the next level and auditioned for the Scottish Conjurers Association.  Luckily he passed the entrance exam on his first attempt becoming the youngest member at the largest magic club in Scotland.  This allowed him to learn from some of the top names in the magic world.  Within a few months, his dream of becoming a close-up magician became a reality when he performed as the close-up magician for Glasgow University at the Hilton Hotel.   At the time, Chris was a student himself and managed to pass a Computing degree from Strathclyde University.

Three Days after his last exam he joined one of the largest accountancy firms in Scotland as a database developer.  Through his job he was able to meet many other people with in the corporate market and obtained a few magic gigs along the way.

He later set up his company with his mission statement, “To provide top class magic” and the company Top Class Magic was born.  However, as Top Class magic grew he became more aware that he couldn’t give his clients the service they deserved and the decision was taken in 2007 to become full time profession