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Why Hire Woody As Your Magician?

  • In 2009, Woody passed his audition for The Magic Circle with a score of over 90% and was thus awarded the degree of Associate Of The Inner Magic Circle
  • First magician to win both of the largest close-up magic contests in Scotland in the same year – making him, ‘The Scottish Table Magic Champion’.
  • First Scottish magician to win the Scottish Conjurers’ Association’s Close-up Magic contest 3 years in a row.
  • Fully Insured member of Equity
  • One of the few full time professional magicians in the UK specialising in magic for adults
  • High repeat repeat booking rate from happy clients.


Combining Magic & Comedy

When we think of ‘comedy-magic’ it’s easy to think of Tommy Cooper performing rubbish magic to get a laugh.  This isn’t Woody.  He performs Dynamo style magic combined with his natural Glaswegian sense of humour to leave his audience entertained and amazed!  

Being the small, fat kid growing up in the East End of Glasgow he was a likely target for bullies.  However, his quick wit would use their taunts against them and leave everyone laughing.   This cheeky charm flows through his performance and is perfect for audiences who might not be the biggest fans of magic.  

p.s. He’s still small and fat and will likely inspect your buffet.  


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Private Party

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