What is stand-up magic?

Stand-up magic or stage magic is a magic show performed for the whole audience in one go. It is traditionally thought of as the famous illusion of cutting the woman in half. However, times have changed! A stand-up magician is like a stand-up comedian. He will take the audience on a magical journey linking several tricks together with details from the audience. If an audience member’s phone rings during the act, it becomes part of the act, if the host provides funny stories or characteristics of the guests, these can be incorporated into the show. Stand-up magic has become popular recently where for dinner party / house party celebrations.  When a meal has finished and the coffee has been served, the stand-up magician is introduced to entertain your guests for an hour. It is also a popular idea to have a mixture of table magic for all the guests and then have a short stand-up magic show at the end and incorporate whoever the celebration is for into the act i.e. birthday boy/girl, hen, the big boss etc

What does Woody’s magic show contain?

There’s a mixture and it’s always changing.  It’s currently a mixture between classic magic, modern psychological mind reading (Derren Brown Style) and comedy Classic magic: Ropes, cups & balls, cards, handkerchiefs etc Mind Reading: Lie detecting, predictions, influence & persuasions Comedy: Stories of when Woody’s show wasn’t as great as it is now.  There’s a few stories of when things went wrong, things audiences have said wrong…basically the outtakes. Woody is also an award winning stand-up magician who has completed courses in stand-up comedy and voice projection.  He is constantly developing new material for his shows to keep them fresh and lively.