Table Magician for Glasgow, Edinburgh & Scotland

Table magic is a very popular choice of entertainment at corporate events, weddings restaurants, and charity nights. At these events it’s common that your guests will not know each other and therefore a table magician can break the ice and give your guests something exciting to talk about. Magicians who perform table magic are known as table hoppers Don’t be mislead by the name we don’t jump on the tables or turn into rabbits, although that would be quite impressive. What we do is provide a short magic show (1 or 2 tricks) at each table. The standard table hopping environment is circular tables of 8 – 10 guests with 4 courses. Your table magician should never perform when your guests are eating. They should only perform in between the courses. This allows your guests to enjoy their meal and then enjoy their own private magic show.

Why hire Woody as your table magician?

Woody has won his previous 3 table magic contests, competing against other fellow professional magicians and other competition winners. These contests are based on real life scenarios where marks are awarded for magic, entertainment and ability to interact with the audience. Table magic is one of the areas where woody specialises. He has even written a book on the subject to help other magicians.