Magic at Arta, First Friday Of The Month 2017

Hello everybody, tell me something – are you having enough fun right now?  Are you enjoying your weekends?  Are you having enough magic momenartats?

Well, now is your time to spice things up with a night of  burlesque, magic & a 3 course meal!

How it works

You walk through the doors and get a glass of fizz.
Then you’re entertained by me doing close-up magic.
Then you’re taken to your table for a lovely meal.
After the starter you get to see two amazing burlesque acts
After the main course you get to see another two burlesque acts
And after your dessert, there’s a double act by the two burlesque acts. There will also be table by me during the meal.

All that for £29!!

When is it?

First Friday of the month for the next 6 months – it’s gonna be epic. Hope to see some of you then.

Friday May 5th
Friday 2nd June
Friday 7th July
Friday 4th August
Friday 1st September
Friday 6th October

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available on
(search arta)

So if you’d like to see me performing close-up magic and you’re free on the First Friday of the Month then get your tickets now.

What about the second Saturday Of The Month
On the Second Saturday Of the Month you can catch out our amazing show over at The Admiral Bar.

Different show featuring 3 Comedians, 2 Burlesque acts and 1 magician (sometimes me) tickets and details available over at