Magician At The Stand Glasgow

I Performed as the comedy magician at The Glasgow Stand for the Fun Junkies night, got to hang out with Kevin Bridges, I farted all the acts had to leave the changing room and on the way home something really funny happened with the police and real Fun Junkies.

The Stand Comedy Club Glasgow

When you say you’re a magician people ask, “Are you in the Magic Circle” When you say you’re a comedian people ask, “Have you gigged at The Stand”.  It’s widely regarded as the best comedy Club in the UK.  As all the TV comedians have played there Ron Burgundy would say, “It’s kind of a big deal”

The last ever Fun Junkies – The Best of

Fun Junkies is a comedy variety night and has an excellent reputation –  It’s organised by a Stand regular: Chris Forbes.  The bill was hosted by Des Clarke,TV/radio Comedian, who was excellent as always

Stu and Garry – Top Improv group in Scotland – think Who’s Line Is It Anyway but in Glasgow.

James Kirk So You Think You’re Funny Winner 2010 (national contest Peter Kay won) James has also appeared on TV in Gary Tank Commander

Jay the guitar funny man and a mime who’s name I can’t remember, I was going to ask him but as he’s a mime I was worried he might not tell me.

Kevin Bridges

As I entered The Stand I saw Kevin Bridges, one of the most famous comedians in the UK and one of my favourites.  I didn’t know what to do/say so I just gave a wee comedy bow and then to my surprise Kevin Bridges Said, “Hi Woody”

Hi Woody?? Now I don’t get star struck but I nearly had to sit down so I could fall off my chair.

He wasn’t on the bill that night but pops into The Stand from time to time to hang out with the acts.  So I actually got to hang out with Kevin Bridges and Des Clarke backstage – if It wasn’t a Wednesday night I’d have thought I’d have made it big time.  So what can I say, Kevin’s a funny fu**er off stage as well and as a total open book  He was telling embarrassing stories just like the rest of us perhaps even more so.  I always thought he’d be a normal Glasgow guy and happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.  I would have asked for a photo but as he was chilling out I thought it wasn’t the done thing.

Do I still get nervous performing magic?

The answer is very rarely.  However, being in a room with the best in the business that’ve all been on TV not to mention performing in front of a girl I used to have a thing for (she knocked me back) gave me a lovely adrenaline rush some people would call nerves.  I’ve missed that feeling but I haven’t missed the smell.  Yes in a dressing room the size of a single bedroom I let out a quarter fart but it was enough to empty the room.  Thankfully it was time for me to go on stage.  And after the 2147th check that all my props were in the correct place it was time to hit the stage.

So I done the show and all went well.  I’ll never be at my best at The Stand as you can’t see the audience because of the bright lights.  So it’s difficult to gauge what’s working  but I still done pretty well and I got lots of positive feedback after the show including:

“I really enjoyed your act, funny and great magic” Kevin Bridges

“Great reaction from the audience” Des Clarke

All the acts done excellent on the night and I can it was an honour to be asked to perform on the same bill as these guys.  Shame it’s over but there’s still plenty of amazing nights to be had at The Stand and who know’s maybe I’ll even headline in there as there comedy magician.