Can You Make My Belly Disappear?

Can you make my belly disappear?

It’s one of those questions magicians get asked a lot it’s up there with;

1)      Can you make my wife disappear?

2)      What do you think of Dynamo?

3)      How did you get into magic?

4)      Can I be your Debbie McGhee?

And my personal favourite… “Do you know Harry Potter?”


However, my answer to the ‘Can You Make My Belly Disappear?’ has always been.  “If I could do that I’d start with my own”.  However, it’s true…I have actually managed to make my belly disappear…well some of it anyway and I have to say it’s been easier than expected and dare I say fun?   Let me explain; it’s my 30th in April and at New Years I decided that I wanted to be a healthy weight for my birthday.  So I started running but I managed to pull my hamstring and no I can’t “magic it better” and that’s when it hit me I needed something else, something special I needed a magic assistant…well two to be exact.  So I’ve enlisted the services of Jen & Elle – 2 female Personal Trainers from Forward Fitness Glasgow and I’ve been taking their Pilates classes out in the west end of Glasgow and WOW.  I’ve done Pilates before but nothing like this.  It’s friggin amazing and it’s a full body workout as well as a good laugh.  So yeah it’s unfortunate that I can’t do my running as of yet but I’ve lost 8lb this month and the girls have taken good care of me.  Also, my magic shows as of recent times have been going amazingly well and at these shows I keep getting asked if I’m single which I can only conclude means that I’m wearing way to much aftershave (that joke got 19 likes on my facebook so I thought I’d throw it in_

So I’m not going to give you all weekly updates on how my health is going because who knows I could give up next week and then I’d feel stupid.  However, I have a funny feeling I won’t.  I have a feeling that I’ll actually stick with what I’m doing and lose some weight in the process.  Here are my secrets

1)      Eat when you’re hungry

2)      Eat whatever you want

3)      Stop when you’re full

4)      Go to pilates classes at


I was going to do this for charity but I’ve decided to be totally selfish and do it for myself.  I’m hoping to lose another 8-10lb in Feb and the same again in March.  Wish me luck folks!!