I Wouldn’t Want To Play Cards With You

Cards PosterOn Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 I shall be performing my first solo show…and I am bricking it!!

I’ve been performing 1 hour stand-up shows for clients for years but I’ve never done one myself so it’s exciting times.  Also in the last 12 months I’ve climbed the ranks of the comedy world and have been headlining a few of the smaller clubs and doing quite well. I see this Stand-up Comedy magic as a new challenge and it’s something I’d like to do.  I’m actually finding it helps my close-up magic and my close-up magic helps the stand-up magic so by the end of the week if all goes well I should be World Champion.

So what’s the Show About?

“Tricks I do and nonsense I talk” was less than the 150 words required for show description so I thought about what else I could talk about and as I’m:

  • Magic Champion
  • Poker Champion
  • Scottish Comedian Of The Year Semi-finalist (I was robbed honest governor)

So I have combined them to make the show ‘I Would’t Want To Play Cards With You’

Granted it’s not the shortest title; but when I’m out performing, virtually every night someone will say, “I wouldn’t want to play cards with you!” and now when they say it my ego will think “Ahh, they’ve seen my show”.  So expect magic, poker chips, how to read people and a magic doughnut.

Why now?

Well my big mate and magic mentor Jim Trainer passed away last year and it reminded me life is to short and it was probably about time to get up off my bottom and take a few risks.  So this is a risk.  He passed away on the deadline for the Glasgow Comedy Festival Submission day and I know he’d have appreciate this so they show’s dedicated to Jim and I’ll be performing something he game me at it 🙂

Oh…and April 2nd is MY BIRTHDAY!!