Magic Show In Feb 2012

Howdy, would you like to come see me perform some magic?  Last year I decided to open up a wee variety night called Enterteasement.  It’s a combination of magic, burlesque & comedy.  It allows me to try out some new routines jokes etc and it also allows me to work with some of the best entertainers in Glasgow.

The next show is Friday 24th February and it’s in The Pony on Bath Street. The Pony was voted best cocktail bar last year I think so it’s a nice wee modern place.  Tickets can be purchased via an online booking system called Event Brite.  It takes Paypal as the credit card charges were a little too pricey.

It’s a fantastic bill.  I managed to Secure 3 top comedians most notably Scottish Comedian of the Year 2009 John Gavin but to be honest the other 2 are just as good it was a toss of a 3 way coin to decide who would be comepere, headline and Middle Spot.  I also have a Dundee Burlesque troupe coming through.  I asked these girls to send me a video and one of their routines had me literally jumping up and down shouting. “I need these guys they’re amazing!!

So I’ll be opening the show with 20 minutes of a new routine and then I get to sit back and enjoy the show and mingle with the guests.

If you want to come checkout or go to to buy tickets.