Some women are too hot

On Friday night, I had the pleasure of performing for one of the best organised events I’ve ever attended. Unfortunately, the company shall remain nameless because of attempted client theft from my competitors (tut tut – you know who you are!)

The night was the first fund raising night by this certain group and they organised it perfectly. 18 tables with more guests to come at the evening reception. I met my host and thought she was one of the models used for the night. Then the first group of girls walked in and I thought, “Ok these must be the models”, as the groups of countless women came in I had to check my pulse at certain points to see if I had visited the place in the sky. For a man who has worked in Scotland’s top Strip club, fashion nights that have been broadcast throughout the world, worked with countless models including former Miss Scotland Neive Jennings and as a regular performer at the world’s largest burlesque club, the following sentence is quite a bold statement. I have never been in a room with so many beautiful women.

The only thing to come close to the beauty of the women was the venue itself. It had a fantastic yet unusual centrepiece hanging from the ceiling and very modern yet cosy lighting scheme.

What the event did really well was have lots young professionals 22 – 35 and rather than have just the host of the charity talking they had someone there who had benefited from the charity as well. I don’t know why more charities don’t do this. They kept it focused on the positive and didn’t let the speeches go on for too long. This meant that for one of the few times in my performing career every table I visited was in a really happy positive mood – which made my job really easy
After the meal they had a Ceilidh and the dancefloor was fully populated within seconds.
After the event I met up with the host and told her how much I had enjoyed the event and how I thought it was one of the best events I had ever performed at. She thought I must say this to all my clients…here’s hoping she reads my blog.