Magic wand vs Batman Belt

At a recent magic gig in Glasgow 2 strange things happened to me because of my belt.
I was wearing my black suit jacket, black shirt, blue jeans and my batman belt. My batman belt is black leather with a large black batman buckle unfortunately it doesn’t come with the batman utilities. As it was a casual gig I hadn’t tucked in my shirt so the belt couldn’t be seen.
At my first table I introduced myself as a magician, the first spectator said he knew a magician who was really good. To be honest, I was thinking “here comes another story about the great Joe Bloggs with a fabricated story of the watermelon from the thimble” when the spectator said his friend was Gordon Bruce. For those of you who are new to magic Gordon Bruce is a Scottish/world legend when it comes to all things magical especially card magic. So here’s me standing with my pack of cards and I performed the find the kings in an amazing way (admittedly – the name needs work)

I managed to impress the guy which is always good and we got talking when I noticed his batman cufflinks. I told him I loved his cuff-links and asked if he had ever thought about getting the batman belt, lifted my shirt and we shared that moment of ‘you like batman, I like batman’. However, it turns out this spectator had actually been in batman! He was drawn as a cartoon in a batman comic.

The magic God’s were looking down on me

So later on, I was doing my ambitious card routine and it came to the second phase where I get the spectator to draw something on the back of a card. Normally spectators draw a smiley happy face but this spectator drew a Batman symbol on the back of my card. It was a big symbol roughly the same size as my belt buckle and with my shirt over the buckle and not many people being aware that River Island stock such an item I was going to have to have some fun.
So I made the ink vanish off his card but kept my hand stiff and performed a false palm (everyone thought the card was in my palm). I slowly moved my card down to my belt, then slowly pulled up my shirt and acted like I pushed the card into my belt.
They freaked out! They screamed, they shouted, they got pregnant by immaculate conception – it was that good. Then one of them asked if he could touch it. For the whole night I was pointed at and refered to as “The C**T that can change drawings into metal belt buckles”

Later on one of them took me to one side and said he had to ask me something. I was expecting he’d figured out it wasn’t real but the question he asked was even better. He asked:
“Look, I don’t want to know how you change it from a card into a belt buckle…but how do you attach it to your belt?”

Who needs a magic wand when you can have a magic belt?
I’ll be performing magic at the next Hotwire in the Flying Duck – best to follow on facebook.

Hugs and kisses
Woody the magician
Holey Moley – what a card trick – Boom, Pow, POP!